Welcome to E Guard

We are proud to be a part of the community protecting the environment of the world today. We are committed to ‘guard’ the environment while serving our client’s regulatory compliance requirement.

We are working closely with the Environmental Conservation Department (ECD) following it’s instructions, methods and procedures, laws and regulations, and timely announcements and updates.

Mission Statement

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  • To provide efficient and effective high quality services.
  • Offer comprehensive professional inputs to the development partners.
  • Promote environmental sustainability concepts by introducing the best available technologies and methods.
  • Assist environmental friendly, socially acceptable, legally sound development projects.

We work for sustainable development guarding the natural and human resources. We communicate with –

  • project proponents who would bring economic developments,
  • persons likely to be affected by the projects,
  • local and regional administrators,
  • officials from various departmental and regulatory bodies,
  • NGOs and social groups

playing our roles as a third party organization.

Our Vision


To help protect the rights of every citizen of Myanmar keeping sustainable and pleasant environment by providing the best possible services.


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